Is Salt Alternative Safe?

February 12, 2010


Here is a question I got from:

I have type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.  Some one suggested I try “Original No Salt” which is Sodium-free instead of salt.  Is it a safe alternative for my use?

Answer: The ingredients in NoSalt Original contain no salt or sodium.  Sometimes for hypertension individual, he/she may be asked to limit his/her salt and sodium in the diet.  Sodium draws fluid into the blood and causes more fluid for the heart to pump and blood pressure increase in this process.  NoSalt Original  appears to be a safe alternative to salt or sodium.  You can also try favoring your food with spices and herbs.  Be sure it is label sodium free.   I love using Garlic to favor my food!

Tips: Ask the waiter to take out the salt shaker at restaurant (so no temptation) to limit your sodium intake, because often the food prepared in the restaurant already have enough or more salt than you need.



Hello world!

February 6, 2010

My name is Doretta.  I am a Registered Dietitian and a Nutrition Editor at  This is a great website designed to help people with diabetes.  So Check it out!

I always have an interest in art.  I like to promote nutriton with my art design.  I created this logo for a conference while I was in graduate school.  This logo is to promote nutrition and sustainability.  It is our responsibility to live a healthy lifestyle.  Please feel free to make any comments!